One Step Out of Time: Even in its ‘Glory Years’, the UK Never Really Understood Eurovision

The Brits Need To Acknowledge an Awkward Truth if They’re Ever to Truly Compete in the Song Contest Again This article was originally written on May 24th, 2021 “It’s a farce,” barked my mother, with an unmistakable rasp in her voice. “Me and your father watched the points being given in bed, and then switched… Read More

Referendum Woes: How Labour and the Tories have conspired to throw the UK into the abyss

In just a couple of days, the UK will vote to leave the EU. That’s how things appear as I sit here typing now, ironically enough in a chain coffee shop staffed by baristas with accents of all kinds, European and otherwise. Polls are unreliable, but there’s a definite tone to the conversation I’m seeing… Read More