Defying gravity: What’s next for me, you, and the rest of the games industry

Last week, I took time out to look back at the last eight years of my career – eight years that, primarily, were spent as Pocket Gamer. During that time, I transitioned from a Java game reviewer, to an iOS reviewer and staff writer, news editor, deputy editor and, then, in 2012, editor of… Read More

Article: The birth and death of mobile: My 8 years at Pocket Gamer

My last piece for, the site I was Editor of for two years, has just gone live. For the last few weeks leading up to this, my final day at, I’ve been telling people I’ve worked on the site (and in some capacity for just over seven years. It would appear somewhere… Read More

Article: ‘Hard work and home truths: How one festival is preparing students for the games industry’

Here’s an article I wrote for Develop this week: Keith Andrew reports back from the long-running Bradford Animation Festival “I’ve never wanted to do anything else but work in the games industry,” opened Simon Smith, formerly of the likes of SCEE, Codemasters, Reloaded Productions and Blitz Games, speaking on day three of the Bradford Animation… Read More