Article: F2P Comes of Age – How to make money without being ‘evil’

Late last month I visited Kraków in Poland to attend the latest Digital Dragons conference. Aside from taking far too many Instagrams (if you’ve not visited the city, it’s utterly beautiful, and like a pre-WWII time capsule), I also put together this piece on the evolution of free-to-play thinking for There’s an unwritten rule… Read More

What a Load of Tits: The depressing success of Game of War: Fire Age

All too often, free-to-play is held up as the virus that’s infested itself within the games industry – the demon that started life on Facebook and mobile and is now, gradually, starting to make gamers from all across the spectrum sick. I’ll give my thoughts on free-to-play right now: I don’t mind it. For some… Read More

Article: The Curation Question – Can developers earn a crust on the App Store without Apple’s aid?

Spoke to a few folks in the know recently about how easy app discovery now is on the App Store, given Apple’s stance against third-party curation platforms and services over the last few years. Published by the lovely folk at A marketplace awash with opportunity and fortune, or a store where all but the lucky… Read More

Sex, Lies and #GamerGate: Why 2014’s games journalism crisis was just what editors needed

When the initial sparks flew in the GamerGate fire that would go on to engulf the latter half of 2014 I was actually out of the country, away with work in Seattle for Unity’s annual conference Unite. Sat in Starbucks – well, it was Seattle – a friend asked what I made about the internet… Read More