Hitting the Headlines: It’s time to shake the ‘fake news’ tag

The ability for you, me, and the guy down the street to communicate with absolutely anybody else across the world was the big sales pitch the internet showed up to town with when I was growing up. Before “memes”, before social media, before even pornography took hold, the idea of talking to people they’d never… Read More

Article: F2P Comes of Age – How to make money without being ‘evil’

Late last month I visited Kraków in Poland to attend the latest Digital Dragons conference. Aside from taking far too many Instagrams (if you’ve not visited the city, it’s utterly beautiful, and like a pre-WWII time capsule), I also put together this piece on the evolution of free-to-play thinking for GamesIndustry.biz. There’s an unwritten rule… Read More

Article: The Curation Question – Can developers earn a crust on the App Store without Apple’s aid?

Spoke to a few folks in the know recently about how easy app discovery now is on the App Store, given Apple’s stance against third-party curation platforms and services over the last few years. Published by the lovely folk at GamesIndustry.biz: A marketplace awash with opportunity and fortune, or a store where all but the lucky… Read More

Article: Growing pains – Why Monument Valley isn’t the answer to Mobile’s mid-life crisis

Late last week my first ever op-ed for GamesIndustry.biz was published, tackling mobile’s mid-life crisis and why pumping out more Monument Valleys isn’t going to help anyone. If you want to ascend to the summit of 30 St. Mary Axe – that’s London’s iconic Gherkin to you and me – you have to take two… Read More

Article: Android piracy is a problem, but developers shouldn’t jump ship

Earlier this week I put together an editorial for Trusted Reviews on high piracy rates on Android, following figures released by Monument Valley developer ustwo: As formidable a rival as Google is, Apple must be pretty happy that its main competitor in the smartphone space is as diametrically opposed to itself on so many issues… Read More

Article: The birth and death of mobile: My 8 years at Pocket Gamer

My last piece for PocketGamer.biz, the site I was Editor of for two years, has just gone live. For the last few weeks leading up to this, my final day at PocketGamer.biz, I’ve been telling people I’ve worked on the site (and PocketGamer.co.uk) in some capacity for just over seven years. It would appear somewhere… Read More

Article: ‘Hard work and home truths: How one festival is preparing students for the games industry’

Here’s an article I wrote for Develop this week: Keith Andrew reports back from the long-running Bradford Animation Festival “I’ve never wanted to do anything else but work in the games industry,” opened Simon Smith, formerly of the likes of SCEE, Codemasters, Reloaded Productions and Blitz Games, speaking on day three of the Bradford Animation… Read More