Article: Android piracy is a problem, but developers shouldn’t jump ship

Earlier this week I put together an editorial for Trusted Reviews on high piracy rates on Android, following figures released by Monument Valley developer ustwo:

As formidable a rival as Google is, Apple must be pretty happy that its main competitor in the smartphone space is as diametrically opposed to itself on so many issues as the one time search giant.

Whenever anyone questions the legitimacy of the iOS’s ‘closed’ approach – which, even when compared to other closed off platforms such as Windows Phone and BlackBerry, is especially stringent – all any Apple aficionado need do is point to Android and its piracy problem to justify it.

It’s a debate that’s been sparked again this week thanks to tweets posted by Monument Valley developer ustwo, noting that 95 percent of the downloads of said release on Android hadn’t been paid for. The studio did go on to clarify that such stats don’t take account of purchases made on Amazon’s Appstore, and so a portion of that 95 percent will be legitimate, but the high number nonetheless captured people’s attention.

You can read the piece in full here:


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