Article: Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure review

Last week I reviewed what is possibly my favourite iOS game of the year – Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure.

It’s surprising just how quickly gamers have become used to the bombardment of messages and requests the average mobile game will make upon them in the opening seconds of a release – or, as is often the case, before the game has even begun.

Would you like to connect to Facebook? Have you logged into Game Center? Do you want to check out the in-app purchase store? Fancy upgrading that vehicle you’ve only actually raced once? Mobile games, so intent on withholding our attention on a device that travels with us as we deal with the distractions of real life, have become loud, demanding beasts, because they know if they lose us for a minute, we’ll delete them from our home screen in a second flat.

Rare, however, are the games that have the confidence to try and hold our attention with gameplay alone. Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure – with its early 1990s visuals and one of the best soundtracks you’ll ever hear, seemingly lifted out of an episode of Doctor Who from a decade previous to that – is one such title.

Needless to say, it got full marks. You can read the review in full over at


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